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01-09-2004, 14:40
There seems to be a lot of aggression and depression today, so how do you think we can deal this?

Shall we leave it that way? let the A*****s who caused it damage us as well?

Shall we try and just forget all the crap that has gone on, both off and on the site?

Or shall we just think, god its good to be alive, find a positive thought, grab it and ride with it???/

I am always one for the positve way, I may be wrong, but it keeps me going.....

Comments on a postcard.... or below will be fine :)

01-09-2004, 14:55
I agree. There's an overt air of hostiliy, frustration, and confrontation. I have been hostile myself towards a few members of the site.

Here are my personal contributions to improving the overall site mood:
1. An open apology to anyone offended by any of my remarks. Sometimes we overstep boundaries. Sometimes it take others to remind us of it.
2. An extended symbolic olive branch to those with whom I've been engaged in pointless confrontation (you know who you are).
3. An effort to refrain from needlessly negatively-provoking and/or sarcastic comments and responses.

With a well-intentioned toodles to all,
Amanda Huggenkiss

01-09-2004, 15:03
My input. Moderator, please remove my stupid "onenightstand" thread. The intention was as real as a blue elephant with pink stripes. :(

01-09-2004, 15:04
Originally posted by allice
My input. Moderator, please remove my stupid "onenightstand" thread. The intention was as real as blue elephant with pink stripes. :(

Only if you smile and add your comments ot this thread :)

01-09-2004, 15:05
I will, but later. :)

Idiot Amin
01-09-2004, 15:08
Apologies accepted, and I reiterate that in my case, "I" am not the person behind me, nor do "I" even exist, when "I" post in any non-serious thread. Nevertheless, I, too, apologise for any offense (or sheer boredom) caused by jokes gone stale, gone too long, or never funny to begin with.

Now, would someone kindly let the 85 st polar bear from Information into the cafe? He is not dangerous as he really only feeds on walruses - and he's a heck of a lot nicer than I am ;) ;) ;). Maybe he'll eat me - I don't look much better than a walrus, now, do I?

01-09-2004, 15:08
Originally posted by allice
The intention was as real as blue elephant with pink stripes. :(

You mean those elephants aren't real ??? Dam I have to stay away from the Stella Artois !!


Ned Kelly
01-09-2004, 15:18
yes, peace to all.:bong:

01-09-2004, 15:19
This terrorism stuff is scary and depressing, and the argument "when it's your time to go..." cuts absolutely no ice with me - the only place I want to go is to make it home to my daughter every afternoon. That is, after every metro ride home from work.

Because the depressive periods so far in my life have made me either self-destructive or overtly aggressive toward others, I've deliberately avoided confrontational posts for a few days. I have this sense of helplessness, and perhaps others of you do as well, that makes me want to strike out just to feel I have some [twisted] measure of control.

Goddamn, but I could use a hug.

Well said SF, Here have a hug from me :lovepot:

Ned Kelly
01-09-2004, 15:21
oh come here baldy! (though i'll gladly hand you over to the fairer members of the site).

01-09-2004, 15:23
Originally posted by sfjohns67

Goddamn, but I could use a hug.

I love you, man.

01-09-2004, 15:24
SJ|FJ, well said, I think I love u too.... :)

Sidney Bliss
01-09-2004, 15:27
I love you all too. I would love you more if I wasn't so afraid to lose you.

01-09-2004, 15:29
i think everyone's nerves are on edge because of the onslaught of bad news from yesterday and this morning. i think people should be allowed to vent if they need to.
but as for some of the mean-spirited personal attacks that take place on nearly a daily basis... well i think it sucks and i can't fully understand why some of the people i've met off-site post nasty things about others they've met or heard about. there may be a fine line between playful insults and what can be construed as just plain low-down personal attacks, but i think the line's been crossed a little too much on site.

my two kopecks.

Sad Radio
01-09-2004, 15:37
:thumbsup: :sunny:

01-09-2004, 15:41
Love y'all too, even if I find it a bit disturbing that only guys offered me a hug. Even more disturbing, though, is finding out Allice was joking about her onenightstand thread - I was already web-shopping for a nice track suit and some gold teeth implants, impress da gurrul jest rat.

How about we steer the thread toward some jokes, perhaps just a bit sick, keep things on the laughably absurd side. Where I'm the most comfortable, that is...

A boy in the sixth grade comes home after school one day. His mother notices he's got a big smile on his face. She asks, "Did anything special happen at school today?" "Yes, Mom. I had sex with my English teacher!" The mother is stunned. "You're going to talk about this with your father when he gets home." Well, when dad comes home and hears the news, and he is very pleased. Beaming with pride, he walks over to his son and says, "Son, I hear you had sex with your English teacher." "That's right, Dad." "Well, you became a man today—this is cause for celebration. Let's head out for some ice cream, and then I'll buy that new bike you've been asking for." "That sounds great, Dad, but I can I have a football instead? My ass is killing me."

sir Gay
01-09-2004, 15:56
Originally posted by Ned Kelly
oh come here baldy! (though i'll gladly hand you over to the fairer members of the site).

here goes the fairer member. but i'm so depressed, confused, angry, irked and frightened by this terroristic war between chechnya and moscow that i need an auxiliary supply from peyote...

01-09-2004, 16:10
I love you too guys. And what Sid said. [hugs Sfj]

01-09-2004, 16:16
Originally posted by sir Gay
that i need an auxiliary supply from peyote...

I simply need to die.

01-09-2004, 16:18
No, you just need to get some. Put your ad back up, I'll see if my unemployed redneck brother feels like getting on a plane. :D

sir Gay
01-09-2004, 16:25
Originally posted by allice
I simply need to die.

hey alice, can the fairer member of the site be of any assistance and talk you into a more positive mood?

it's my 12th day without smoking, and the terrorists took even BABIES as hostages, and refused to accept food and water for them... yeah not very convincing or positive... maybe church can help?

Idiot Amin
01-09-2004, 16:27
Originally posted by allice
I simply need to die.

Please, do not even joke about such things in this present situation. You need to live and enjoy every minute of your life!

01-09-2004, 23:47
session and I need one now even though I don't know you....

Sorry, for calling people 'morons' .... just expected something different from what greeted me on Chechen thread...

My nephew is posted somewhere in Yugoslavia and I just shiver each time I am confronted with the realities of this world..

Anyway, I'm off for a cry and to try some follicle regrowth stimulation... apparently what really works is when the girlies thighs are rapped around your ears... better than a three hour rogain sesh...

Hugsmungus me is sorry to all...


02-09-2004, 00:43
I think a good idea for us high volume posters is to use 2 (and NO MORE THAN 2) logins - one which is for usual discussion and one backup for posts that may be unpleasant, controversial etc. My GreatArcticBear login is giving me technical problems so that I had to change it. 85StonePolarBear is my new and PERMANENT login. I think everyone knows what my other current login is (please forget about any that may have existed in the past). As the late unlamented abomination of a dictator pictured on that avatar is not exactly a personage whom I care to emulate on a regular or even an irregular basis, that one will only rear its ugly head if circumstances warrant it - and I hope that things remain pleasant, so that the next time I will use that other login will be next April First!

I certainly will do my part to keep things in line and I hope others will as well, regardless of our checkered pasts.

Too bad it took a tragedy for me to realise the true value of this site, as well as the admirable character of quite a number of the posters. While 99% of my nonsense posts were meant in good fun, there is a lot more fun to be had from legitimate participation in this community.

Finally, could someone please remove The School Yard? It was an experiment that did not exactly succeed, to put it mildly.

02-09-2004, 02:47
I apologize both for me and my wife,who has been mistaken for a multiple login.

02-09-2004, 02:47
just logged on for first tim etoday..would have done this earlier....*HUG* sfj