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29-08-2003, 13:21
Easy to cook and tasty recepies if you got to share with.


29-08-2003, 14:51
Chanterel mushrooms (Lesichki in russian) you can find on inofficial markets outside the city center or in the surrounding regions. They are dirt cheap this time of year, from 40-100r/kg up as you approach the center. Possibly they could be available in central gourmet stores at inflated prices.


Fry one eggplant (baklazhan) in butter, adding onions halfway through. Then add cleaned lesichki and fry a bit. (you're of course cutting everything into pieces according to taste.) Pour some smetana over the whole and spice with white pepper and salt and perhaps half a teaspoon of mustard. Leave to simmer for 15min, then spread about a tablespoon of blue cheese on top. Serve with boiled potatoes.

You can replace the lesichki with belye griby (available in the same places.) Then I suggest you fry the eggplant with chopped bacon, and forget about the blue cheese, maybe even dispense with the eggplant. You also need to simmer a bit longer, and may want to fry the sliced stems together with the onion, as they are tougher than the hats, and need to be cooked longer.

29-08-2003, 20:18
Kristian - AMAZING! My boyfriend loves lezichki and smetana..have to try that one soon.
Here's one of my Russian great-grandmother's recipes. Probably many people have done this one but anyway here goes:
Fry a few large white onions lightly i.e. saute them and switch the gas off.
Cut a couple of tender pork steaks into large cubes and lightly coat in flour.
Get a large deep glass topped pan (if possible) and lightly brush the bottom with olive oil and heat.
Put the pork cubes into the heated oil and lightly brown on each side. Then add chunks of cored and peeled apple. water and for liquid either use water with soy sauce added or white wine. Can also add sultanas or pale raisins.
Very important; keep an eye that the meat doesn't dry out and stick to the pan bottom. You have to add liquid from time to time.
Cook for about 50 minutes on a low heat.
Goes nicely with white rice or mashed potatoes.

31-08-2003, 13:47
Shit on the Shingles,

American bachelor favorite

1 lb Ground beef
BBQ Sauce, whatever you can find, (7 Continents has Heinz)
A couple of handfulls of Mushrooms sliced and diced
4 slices Bread
Grated Cheese (your choice)

Saute mushrooms in small pan, remove and place to the side
Brown & Drain Ground Beef
Lower heat to simmer and add in BBQ sauce & mix to taste
Add Mushrooms, Mix again

Toast bread and slather with Butter
place on large plate and cover bread with ground beef
garnish with cheese, Enjoy
Flour Tortillas also work in place of the bread, Just fill Tortilla and roll it up.

The only suggestion I can make is that prior to cooking you go out and run 5K or better to make up for the calories that you are about to ingest.


I need a good bellini recipe, I know it is simple but mine never turn out right, HELP