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Democrats Abroad
31-08-2004, 18:06
Democrats Abroad, Russia, will be hosting a special speaking event this Wednesday evening at 19.30. Our speaker will be Toby Gati, a former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research and a former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia, Ukraine and the Eurasian States at the National Security Council. We will be meeting at the conference center on the sixth floor of the Peking Hotel (http://www.hotelpekin.ringnet.ru/locatio1.html). As always, we will also register voters before and after the meeting (you are running out of time).

All are welcome.

No more years!

31-08-2004, 18:17
When is the deadline for registration ?


Democrats Abroad
31-08-2004, 18:53
If you haven't sent out the paperwork by September 15th, you may not be registered in time to vote.

You may be able to register on line at http://www.democratsabroad.org/vote/archives/2004/11/02/001215.php, but sometimes there are special requirements. DemsAbroad Moscow has a specialist who can ensure you fill out the details correctly. You can also turn to American Citizen's Services at the US Embassy for help. The First Secretary and Consul, Robert F Hannan, Jr., is doing a great job assisting people in registration. You can contact American Citizen's Services at 728-5577 for more information.

As for voting, we will be organizing a Federal Emergency Ballot Party in mid/late October for those (which is usually most) who do not receive their absentee ballot by October 15th. If you do not have your absentee ballot by October 15th, the Federal Election Commission recommends you fill out an Emergency Ballot. Pony Express will be expressing them in to the US Post Office.

Thanks for your interest,
Democrats Abroad,
Moscow, Russia

Democrats Abroad
01-09-2004, 09:37
The meeting is tonight, September 1st.

We look forward to seeing you. We will also be registering voters - don't wait!!!!