View Full Version : And can we change my august personage...

Idiot Amin
31-08-2004, 14:44
to Idiot Amin, which matches my avatar? Thanks!

Ned Kelly
31-08-2004, 15:00
no need to add amin.

31-08-2004, 15:03

Idiot Amin
31-08-2004, 15:05
Once again, Ned Kelly demonstrates his place in the intelligence rankings of Australian fauna - in the nether reaches of said rankings, below the koala and a mere bit above the cane toad.

Ned Kelly
31-08-2004, 15:18
bob, you've got more hide than a herd of elephants. you didn't know what a cane toad was until you were called one yesterday.

Idiot Amin
31-08-2004, 15:20
My name is Idi, and we used to eat cane toad in Kampala. I know very well what a cane toad is, and you resemble one in more ways than you care to admit!