View Full Version : Where can I buy organic in Moscow?

31-08-2004, 02:58
I'm moving to Moscow from the Netherlands in the near future and want to know where I can buy organic fruit and veg. grains and bread. Is there an organic market in Moscow on Saturdays where I can buy organic products, wheat gr**** etc?

Are there farmers markets? I lived in Moscow in the early nineties, I know a lot has changed but still wonder if there is an organic market or a supermarket / vegetarian supermarket there yet. Any tips/information very welcome.

31-08-2004, 08:30
I know at least two places. One is a vegeterian shop and a restaurant, Kuznetskiy Most, 11. Another one is in the centre "Put' k sebe" (inward path), Leningradskiy prospekt, 10a -http://www.inwardpath.ru/pitanie/pitanie.html

I think there are a lot of others. Almost every more or less big supermarket has a special section.

There are plenty of markets where you can buy everything including vegetables and fruit, and they work 7 days a week. The problem is that most of the products are brought from abroad, or other distant places, and therefore ripen en route. So, you can imagine there quality. It goes without saying that nobody can guarantee you that they are really organic/no chemicals.

So, to my mind, the best way out is to have your own dacha with a small vegetable garden :). Though, there can be other opinions...