View Full Version : Toshiba DVD Player Codes

02-01-2009, 13:35
I bought a Toshiba dvd player (SD-591KR) here in Moscow thinking it would be easy to find the codes to unlock it for other regions. I've looked at several sites that have codes but cannot find this machine. Does anyone have an idea where I might find the codes to unlock this machine?

02-01-2009, 18:16
Not all DVD units can be unlocked, it depends entirely on the firmware and chipset that's incorporated into them.

Since your model appears to be for the Russian market alone (which I say since, if it's sold elsewhere, then it must have been given an alternate model name/number) I'd suggest searching on Yandex for finding out about Russian 'hacking' websites which provide just what you're asking.

Alternatively you could ask the shop who sold it you, their staff might well know of how to do exactly what steps you need to take.

As I'm sure you already know, doing what you're asking often voids the warranty and if any reflashing is involved then you could also end with with a dead player into the bargain.