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27-08-2004, 18:05
i am looking for BIO FOOD SHOP (magazine ru)

better then the tjernobyl food in ramstore.:alien: :brush: :vomit: BIO FOOD SHOP

27-08-2004, 18:07
1) Rizhakya Tykva - 31 Malaya Gruzinskaya Ul - prices sky high, selection pathetic.

2) A new one, called Gruenfeld or Gruenbaum or some such Germanic name connected with green, is either open or soon will be open on Rublyovskoe shosse, near m. Krylatskoe. I could only imagine what prices will be like there.

3) Maybe the grocery store in Jagganauth on Kuznetsky Most carries some bio products - not sure.

29-08-2004, 23:01
There is a small but useful selection in the "alternative lifestyle" shop "Put K Sebe". It's located next-door to The Australian Open pub/bar, across Leningradskoe Chausee from Belorussky Rail Station (the shop is through an arch and in a courtyard, but there is a sign on the arch). Also recipe books, books about alternative religions and lifestyles, ethnic handicraft gifts etc. It's a bit precious, but the staff probably "mean well".

31-08-2004, 17:38
thanks for all the advice,i will look in to it,let you know how it whas,like price,tel number etc.