View Full Version : Beluga Caviar for the homeless, in Italy

22-12-2008, 17:21
Italien: Schmuggel-Kaviar für Obdachlose | kurier.at (http://kurier.at/nachrichten/281702.php)
sorry the story is in german language, maybe there is also a link to another english language clip.

in Mailand, Italy, the law confiscated 40 kgr of Beluga Caviar, the newspaper said it is worth 400 000 euro there..
instead of destroying it ,as it has been done in the past, they will hand it over to the church charity oranisations who will than dish out the black gold at chrismas to the cities's homeless people.:hooray:
I wonder if they know or care, what they are getting....:drink:
and i wonder, knowing the police, how much Caviar was there in the first place.....