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kiwi kid
22-12-2008, 04:47

I am moving over from London, and am looking at bringing goods with me. I am looking at an extra suitcase or two (20-60kg) over my basic 20kg (depending how many books I take). I have read that customs can charge a good amount on shipments in. Is there good cheap land freight or are you better off just taking it all excess baggage on the same flight you fly in on? Will thy charge you customs on what you bring with you on the plane?

Also - are they fussy about bringing in seeds / plants?


kiwi kid

22-12-2008, 11:09
In November flew Aeroflot to Moscow from Heathrow, my hold baggage was 63Kg and they charged me GBP-10 for each excess kg, thereby making the travel charge for my baggage 3.5x the cost of my seat!

260 economy 'return' seat, 420 excess baggage, 'one way' only!

Seeds and plants, medicines and foodstuffs, plus certain other items do come under declarable goods. If you should tackle the green channel and are made to turn out your bags by Russian baggage inspectors then you can expect to have all improperly documented items confiscated and you could also face a straffe to wit... :11030: