View Full Version : Location vs provenance

25-07-2003, 15:05
I've noticed that some people who I know are in Moscow have other places listed as their location. I've also noticed that in the edit profile section, the field for 'location' asks where you are from - but that usually isn't your current location...

I suggest that either: on the edit profile page it should just say location, not where you are from; or another (optional) field should be added to the edit profile page where you can indicate where you are from.

Reporting live from Moscow, this is Jules signing off and saying you too can fight forest fires.

25-07-2003, 15:51
Confusing. There should be a distinction between the two: what is your home country; and, where are you currently (i.e., where are you physically when you post messages).

Make the change. The Forum will be a better place because of it.

Teutonic Deity
25-07-2003, 17:16
ok.. "Occupation" has been replaced by "Location"