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18-12-2008, 16:50
Hi all,

I am a certified Oracle Database Admin and I would give professional lessons in SQL Language and Oracle Fundamentals I including real tests in order to prepare the student for the respective Oracle exams (for him to make his Oracle approved DBA certification)

I have the material and the environment (database etc) available and will use my own equipment for the lessons.

I can travel all over Moscow and teach on weekend.

The lessons would be in English or German. (as per convenience) The material is in English as the exams are in English.

If there is interest I would also offer lessons in generic IT, usage of Business Applications etc. (please just ask)

Apart from this I can help students with their GMAT preparation, if the student has the material available.

I scored 710 myself in May 2008.

Please pm or write an email to rudiger.hesse78@gmail.com