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15-12-2008, 16:53
Been here a month, tried two internet providers so far (both cable) and they were utter crap - advocating 'hi-speed internet' and delivering the pits in reliability, with speeds as low as 25kbps on a supposed 3Mb/sec network!

Please don't say Tattelcom DSL anyone, because I went down that road 5 years ago and it is hellish expensive (costly because they charge a mint based on your bandwidth usage, they hit me for $2600 for a 2 month stint last time around)...

We don't have fibre optic here yet (even if Wikipedia says Golden Telecom plumbed the city in 2006!) and I'm at my wits end to get anything sorted, whilst all the locals recommend TBT cable as best - which is one of the outfits that I found to be total rubbish... :cry:

A good heads up or two would be muchos appreciated.

17-12-2008, 14:04
Hello Qdos,
sorry I can't help you with your question. But I was born in Nab. Chelny and I am interested how it is now. Also, if not a secret what were you doing there? Buying Kamaz trucks?

18-12-2008, 11:15

Chelny is (as ever, even when it's name was Brezhenev!) a city that's founded around the sprawling Kamaz plant of course, and I guess there are now about 800,000 people here.


It can be a bleak city, as you'll probably remember - especially during the winter months, but in recent years there have been surprisingly vast improvements like modern new shopping centres to rival those of western Europe, and the city has additional tramlines and has expanded considerably.

I've only visited 3 times, the first time in 2003, so my knowledge is shallow, but I am pretty used to the place.

No, I don't do a thing with Kamaz, just happen to have close friends both in the city and at Menzelinsk!

Shopping here is a nightmare still, you can't guarantee to find all that many western or Japanese goods, but it's slowly going the right way.

Plenty of (nostalgic?) photos are published on the web... :)

: : Черно белые Челны : : фото, фотографии, скачать картинки, красивые обои : : галерея фотовыставка - бесплатно скачать красивые фото картинки, фотографию обои на рабочии стол: цветы, природа, животные, памятники, архитектура, фонтаны, достопримечат (http://design.chelni.ru/chelny.php)

Альбом: фотографии со здания "Тюбитейка"; фото: Владимир Акинов [ страница №1, всего фото: 18 ] (http://www.chelnyclub.ru/photo/alb/232/)

Фотогалерея: Набережные Челны > Вид сверху (http://www.nabchelny.ru/fotogalereia/gorod/2004-12-15/vidsverkhu1)

Профессиональная архитектурная фотография (http://www.photodreamstudio.ru/gal-27-p-01.shtml)