View Full Version : Can university trasnscrip be used in place of Diploma?

11-12-2008, 21:58
Because of the new law last year I now get a work permit each year - am an American. I just got my new medical certificate so called the company doing my work permit and they said I also need a motorized passport copy - fine - and a translated copy of my Diploma... yikes

I have not seen that in 30 years so called the university and they can make a new one but it takes maybe 2 months and my visa and registration expire the end of January -

The university can however make an official Transcript that will show what degree I received and the grades of all my classes.

Does anyone know if I can use that instead of a Diploma as they can do that in a couple of weeks?

Thanks a lot as I have no idea what to do if I have to use the Diploma as it takes too long.

Proper Bostonian
16-12-2008, 09:35
Not sure what the deal is now, but a number of yrs. ago I confronted the same issue. At that time I got a (stamped) letter from the registrar's office stating that I had graduated - degree received, year of graduation, and major. It was sufficient. Not sure about now. Good luck.

26-12-2008, 18:34
I will not know for sure for another month but I submitted the transcript that I had translated and motorized and the firm that is doing the paper work gave it to the authority and they accepted it.