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11-12-2008, 02:23
Hi! My name is Katya Shafran.

And I am here to find some nice roommate (or maybe 2 roommates) for the flat in the center of Moscow that we are going to rent after the New Year Holidays. We are not searching for a flat now because it's useless. We will look for it after January, 15, right in time when we will be able to move in. Searching and discussing all details with housekeeper take 2-3 days. And we need to make up our mind in a day or two. So now we don't mean any special apartment. But we have seen several and they are really nice! ) The price for the 4room flat in center is nearly 85 000 rub. So somewhere 22-24.000 rub from the room.

We, my friend Kaetred and me (we are producers), will live in one room. There is another girl Lena (she is fashion designer), who will live in 2 room and we are searching now for 2 more roommates, and we thought that it would be really nice to have foreigners as neighbours (there are a lot of advantages of this neighbourhood). All our close friends live with parents or in their own apartment, so we can't ask them to move to this flat with us. But we are still asking them about it).

So what do we need? We need nice, cute, interesting and self-sufficient person (we want everybody to have his own space and not to interfere in roommates' life), who has taste and who is careful and accurate (it's really very important!). We need a person with whom we can talk about culture, literature, old movies, who listens to classical music and prefer jazz.
We just need someone who has the same tastes as we do. So if you are a person like that - write to my email: katya.shafran[at]gmail.com

Kaetred is 26 years old, I am 23 and our other roommate Lena is nearly 30. So we would like to see a roommate of 23-38 years old. )) and we hope you don't smoke too much!

Hope to hear from you! Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions you have.


Katya Shafran