View Full Version : info/experience: two US passports, two 1 yr ME visas

10-12-2008, 20:53
I know of some people who have obtained a second US passport and are rotating them every three months. They have a US contact who renews one visa in the States then they meet up in Europe, trade passports and then re-enter Russia. This saves renewal time as they can virtually come back overnight.

So I am considering this possibility, but using a 1 yr. ME visa in each passport, of course obtained initially 3 months apart. In theory, I can use one for 90 days then exit for a few days and return using the 2nd passport and the first 90 days on it.

Does anyone have info or experience doing this? The visa seems to be individual to the passport and the passports will have different numbers so I don't think it is an issue as long as I have the proper invitation and paperwork when I apply. I am not working, nor a student, so I am not trying to misuse the visa and this is a great improvement over exiting every 90 days to the US for a three week visa renewal.

The visa process in the States now requires the use of an approved agency, so there are added fees and time. With a family I cannot pay the extra to expedite so it takes as long in the States to renew as in Ukraine or London.

Any real information and experience is appreciated. I have a family of 5, all US citizens. thanks.