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19-08-2004, 15:26
I'll be heading to Mongolia in a couple of weeks, and of course have waited until now to look into visas, having planned on using an agency to do the grunt work for me. However, I just had a sobering phone call in which the agent said she could sort one out for me for $300! If I'd got one back home in London it would have been about $30. So, I'm plannng on trudging off to the embassy one very early morning, but have this question:

Do I need a visa invitation for a tourist visa if I am planning on staying in Mongolia for less than a week?

I have read/heard conflicting stories about the need for an invitation, some saying you only need one for a business visa, others that tourists need ne if staying greater than a week or month.

If I need an invitation, any recommendations on how to get one would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

19-08-2004, 16:21
Try placing your question on www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree
under the relevant section

22-08-2004, 16:25
A few years back, friends of mine just went straight to the Embassy here in Moscow and paid about $50 for an on-the-spot tourist visa. As simple as that. May be worth you calling them up first though and ask them what their fees are.