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06-12-2008, 20:34
i am looking for someone how can wipe the vista from my system and install xp i have the discs and tried but dont know where i am going wrong:10518:r

06-12-2008, 20:39
are both operating systems in english or russian? you should be able to just follo the Windows instructions from start to finish.

09-12-2008, 21:15
i have tried that the usal format then reload its not happening ude heeeeeellllllp i need to use xp for my work i am a musician/entertainer and my software only works on xp

11-12-2008, 08:00
@ the crazy sccots man,

What do you mean it's not happening? not installing? blue screen? is it not booting from the cd? you need to be more specific, people here are not telepathic:), they can't help if you don't provide them with details... =/

1) make sure that there are xp drivers available for your machine.
> to find drivers, find out your motherboard model, (you can use something like cpuz)
> go to the vendor's site, and go to support, find and download the necessary drivers and put them on a usb thumb stick.

2)install windows XP
insert xp cd >
boot from cd (i.e change bios settings to boot from cd first if neccessary)
go though the blue wizard.
Delete your current partition(s)
create a new ntfs partition (long format recommended)
install your os on the new partition.
After the setup copies the files onto your hd, leave it running, it's go into the 2nd step of the installation.

Once the installation is compleate, you need to boot into windows xp, and install all of the necessary drivers.

3) all done,
If you stumble into blue screens and all, then check the xp disk, if it's an oem, you need to get hold of a retail version, because some oem xps differ, i.e they only work on specific machines exc...

4) I'd also recommend doing a backup of your vista os before installing the new os, you can use acronis or norton ghost for that.

alternatively, you could set up a dual boot system, but this is quite a complex thing, it involves re-sizing your partitions and getting a boot loader exc....

Feel free to ask me questions if there's something that you're not sure about.


13-12-2008, 11:19
just install XP seperately, when you get the prompts it will ask if you wish to overwrite , say no , and have 2 operating systems.... at restart it will give you the choice of which to restart with (black screen DOS )
you will asked which you prefer to be at top of list , and this will be the default setting, if not you will need to prompt the XP operating system manually each restart/start up

if you have more trouble PM me Scotty

24-12-2008, 00:27
you certainly made the right choice (if you are sticking with Microsoft)
Vista is JUNK - pure and simple

XP is far better - and Windows 2000 Workstation SP4 even better (and runs most XP stuff).

24-12-2008, 00:54
you certainly made the right choice (if you are sticking with Microsoft)
Vista is JUNK - pure and simple

XP is far better - and Windows 2000 Workstation SP4 even better (and runs most XP stuff).

I don't agree, I am using Vista for more than 8 months now and I am totally satisfied with it, so, it is the matter of choice :11033:.

24-12-2008, 12:17
The easiest way to remove Vista is to reinstall it, by booting from the Vista DVD and waiting until you reach the point where the installer does a reformat of the drive partition (or entire drive) where you have chosen to whack up the operating system...

Whilst it's doing the reformat, and you can see the reformat progress bar on your screen, swap the Vista DVD for the XP CD, and the moment that it has finished the reformat force it to reboot - whereupon it will begin installing XP without a whisper of Vista corruption remaining...

I've done hundreds of 'upgrades' this way... :p