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17-08-2004, 21:16
Any of you… have you been in client shoes? Receiving agency’s proposal that did not thrill you?
Now we are at this point with our event agency – best is done when is done by ourselves…
Yet step back for a minute, taking a deep breath… Guys, what would you think about planning a VIP party? I am taking about small details that make the party go-go.

We plan a party, i.e. lovely gala dinner, it will follow after the official part of “how great is X company” presentations. TA - VIP guys and their wives. VIPs are our company’s partners, of course! Thus we need to be very very careful - no jokes about some guy’s wife, etc. For us details do matter!
So what is correct and what is not? What sweet little things make the party? (any great memories? - we do not want to get drunk or anything…. This is “svetskoye” event)
Together with agency we were thinking about “red carpet” entrance (something like movie starts are being taken pics at festivals). Another idea was about diamond show – all girls receive some jewelry for a night… etc etc
More ideas – please… please… :)

19-08-2004, 00:30
whats your budget.......?

19-08-2004, 07:41
I've just sent you my PM

Pussy Cat
19-08-2004, 11:29
Invite pop stars for the event

19-08-2004, 21:39
Nope, pop stars we have them for conferences and gala dinners.
Besides, VIPs might be friends or know some starts pretty well... As well as they might not like the "music" - not all love Kirkorov

21-08-2004, 07:39
Make sure it smells nice inside (no joke).

21-08-2004, 10:41

24-08-2004, 11:00
I think small presents are a must - a small bag at each place with a number of gifts starts the evening off perfectly. They don't have to be lavish - small perfume or aftershave bottles, maybe a CD, keyring, milk whisk for cappucino, that sort of thing - it creates that Christmas morning feeling.

Consider having a seating plan that changes during the evening - it means that no one gets stuck with a boring person, and it wakes people up. If they are separated from someone whom they want to see, they can meet up later.

An original location is always good - VIPs will be sick of the sight of hotel dining rooms, or expensive restaurants. Try a monastery or a museum. In some high end restaurants, there is a special chef's dining room with a view of the kitchen.

24-08-2004, 22:25
Tgma!! You are so so great with your recommendations :)
Thank you very much :):):)

The VIP event will take place in the Fall (just around Halloween days). I know my search for New Year VIP presents might have mislead you.

Unfortunately the "format" and budget of our VIP event don't allow us to take an unusual place :( we are to choose event place among Moscow sites :( :(
And we already fixed the - oh well - the hotel

But let's think of the project in terms of the three components, i.e. 1 -place, 2 - content and 3 -target audience.
Only #2 is our case. It gets quite a financial support I should note. We invited quite expensive guest speakers - about XXk/ speaker, we shall have 2. Therefore, for little presents - yeah, we had this idea, too- we will have books (written by guest-speakers, the books will be signedļ). These books will be given to participants - men mostly - at the business part. Other gifts will go to participants' spouses, who are 99% women. They will be given carnival attributes - masks, fans, etc. Spouses are invited to a gala dinner only that will follow after the business part. The business part doesn't have a special concept. Yet gala dinner does - Venetian carnival.

When I was speaking of little things that "make" the Party, I meant some little "tricks" that would stick in guests mind. I thought of putting Red carpet at the entrance and taking pictures somth like Hollywood starts posing us in glamour magazines.. I also thought of the blue ribbon being torn at the very beginning of the business part that would be the symbol of the Second XXX Event we have twice a year on a regular basis. Should we drink Champaign and then broke all glasses as to wish our next XXX Event? Should we put flowers all over? Should we have tons and tons of chocolate? Or present ladies at the gala-dinner with diamond rings (will give them for gala dinner only).... etc etc... these kind of things I am looking for. Yup, we want to be creative. As creative as possible, coz our budget does have the limit. Ideas?

Cheers, N