View Full Version : what would you think about planning a VIP party? details that

17-08-2004, 21:12
Any of you… have you been in client shoes? Receiving agency’s proposal that did not thrill you?
Now we are at this point with our event agency – best is done when is done by ourselves…
Yet step back for a minute, taking a deep breath… Guys, what would you think about planning a VIP party? I am taking about small details that make the party go-go.

We plan a party, i.e. lovely gala dinner, it will follow after the official part of “how great is X company” presentations. TA - VIP guys and their wives. VIPs are our company’s partners, of course! Thus we need to be very very careful - no jokes about some guy’s wife, etc. For us details do matter!
So what is correct and what is not? What sweet little things make the party? (any great memories? - we do not want to get drunk or anything…. This is “svetskoye” event)
Together with agency we were thinking about “red carpet” entrance (something like movie starts are being taken pics at festivals). Another idea was about diamond show – all girls receive some jewelry for a night… etc etc
More ideas – please… please… :)