View Full Version : WORK VISA for Russia in advance of arriving

03-12-2008, 21:07
Sorry if this Thread seems to be duplicating my last, but I want to be a bit more specific.

OK: everywhere on the Internet, I am reading that I can "easily get" a work visa for Russia and then use this visa to start looking for employment AFTER my arrival in Russia.

However, stupidly enough .... all those sites stating how "easy" this is, give absolutely no indication whatsoever where you should start with the application process of getting this "work visa" which is seemingly "magically easy" to obtain. They are all far too busy telling you "how easy" it is to obtain, but don't bother actually you HOW to go about getting it.


Any ideas, please? Cheers.

04-12-2008, 11:04
You are completely correct. The above procedure can only be done if you already have visa-free travel with Russia, i.e. if you are from a CIS (ex-Soviet) country.

05-12-2008, 12:18
Check your PM =I have sent to you some info