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25-11-2008, 17:44
Wednesday Night Mixer!

Well I have to tell you that it is going to be really tough to beat last week’s event. I saw people that I hadn’t seen in years and I didn’t hear one complaint, well other then Thursday was a working day. Now I know a lot of people showed up for the birthday boys and the live music, but it was an unvbelievebly great evening and I thank all of you that came for making it just that.

This week we will leave the Rocking up to DJ Biscuit, but we will be running the same specials and I hope that a lot of you can make it.

Thursday we have two things happening, we have the normal “Ladies Night” and we are celebrating “Thanksgiving” with a special offer on a Turkey dinner so call in your reservation now!

I would like to thank a few people for last weeks event:

First and foremost - Mr. Doug Steele

The Birthday boys for letting us help them celebrate - “Sunil Duggal” & “David Morely’s”

The Musicians: Dasha, Johan Verbeeck and Tony Young

And of Course the “Biscuit”

Hope to see you!

The Wednesday Night Mixer has become a great success and I would like to thank all of you for making that happen.

Drink Specials will last from 7pm-9pm, ask your bartender or waitress for details.

The Place: Papa's
The address: ул. Мясницкая, д. 22



26-11-2008, 16:51
Change of DJ's for the night! Due to a small problem Biscuit will not be able to join us tonight so you are stuck with yours truly:1306:, don't worry I have put together a good mix for you tonight so I hope my discs work:shhhhhh: