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24-11-2008, 17:19
Just a quick note before you read down, I am thinking of trying to get a group of ten together for a table so if you are interested in joining in let me know. If not and you are interested please contact Alan or Esther directly! This is a great Ball and the proceeds really go for some good causes.


St Andrews Scottish Ball: 6 December 2008

There are still some tickets available for the St Andrew Society annual

Scottish ball, which will take place this year on Saturday 6 December. The

venue of the ball will again be the Holiday Inn located next to the metro in


As a reminder - the cost of tickets will be the same as last year - 4,800

Roubles each.

You may book tickets or tables (10 places) by sending an e mail to our new

address: standrewsocmoscow@gmail.com. Each booking will be acknowledged

and confirmed within a few days. Please note that in order to ensure that

there is no double booking, only bookings made through the above e mail

address will formally be accepted and confirmed.

Tickets can be paid for at the offices of Pravda PR, Zvonarsky Pereulok.

(Phone: 7 (495) 625 33 06). Please call Esther Daniels to confirm a time.

Pravda PR offices are next door to the Sanduny Banya. (Office 8, 2nd floor

Code Down stairs 8 в 5856).

We are also asking you to consider sponsoring the Ball. We aim to raise

even more money for our children's charities this year and we therefore

welcome all help you can give to us.


25-11-2008, 10:55
ok folks it looks like I am up to 5 people on my table so if you are interested let me know!

25-11-2008, 14:05
Make that six!

Come on guys this is a great event and the money goes to good charities! This is half the price of the AmCham ball and their proceeds go back to them.

And by the way I am from the US, so no comments on that needed.