View Full Version : Nikitsky Boul????

21-11-2008, 12:42
Any good or dreadful things to say about this area? Traffic wise? Atmosphere, Safety? Restaurants & shops?
Thanks a lot.... Any help would be greatly appreciated...!

21-11-2008, 17:56
Traffic sucks but it is one way so it seems to move. But traffic sucks everywhere in the center.
There are some little cafes along the street and a couple up and down the alleyways.
It is basically parallel to Tverskaya. That whole area is crowded for a reason, it is nice and a lot of people want to be around there. You can access almost anything walking from there. It is minutes from Patriarchy Ponds, Old Arbat, Tverskaya.
Shopping:TSUM, GUM, Menage, all of Tverskaya, all of Novy Arbat.
Restaurants: literally thousands
Plenty of groceries with western products.
It is one of the most expensive parts of town.
Moscow is basically safe (with the exception of driving) unless you are stumbling drunk after 2am on some unlit street.