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17-11-2008, 22:02
Explore a city you have hardly ever seen in Russia. The place is unique for multinational co existance, where historical monuments stand by new buildings. In short the city is a nice place to spend your weekend.

15-12-2008, 16:23
Just make sure you avoid the toilets at the abto-voksal, worst I've seen anywhere in all of Russia LOL .......... :sick:

Larry Paradine
27-03-2009, 20:51
You obviously haven't seen(or got a whiff of) the toilets that serve both the автостанция and the рынок at Батырево. Even more aromatic were the bogs at the ж.д. вокзал in Свяжск (Tatarstan) and Шумерша (Chuvashia), but since transients and residents alike boycotted them in favour of nearby bushes , ditches and snowdrifts, even in broad daylight, the local powers that be ordered them replaced with pay toilets, thereby improving the sanitation and health of the localities at the price of eliminating the most distinctive local features. Perhaps we can start a new thread, the worst public inconveniences in Russia?

27-03-2009, 20:56
I have seen a real $hite midden at the old Menzelinsk voksal/aeroport... you had to literally climb over it to get inside the concrete shissenhausen thing... :rofl:

11-11-2010, 17:19
Hello Everyone,

Yes, Kazan is a beautiful place, especially the central part of the city.

Architecture of buildings,many parks, Kremlin, Monastery and much more.

I simply admire the city.

Yes there are a few characteristics which you wont like.

Trams are a nuisance if you drive here, also the construction of roads and flyovers as cars are increasing on a daily basis.

Public convenience really needs attention at some of the places.Especially the Kazan International Airport (I think it shouldnt be termed International).At best it has facilities matching only to a "Domestic" airport.

Kazan is a city where Universiade 2013 is going to take place.Also, the city has nice stadiums for football and hockey.Mainly, the oil(Neft in russian) Companies are contributing towards the gaming infrastructure and sponsorships.Rubin is the football club of Kazan.Even the FIFA delegation visited Kazan to check the facilities for the World Cup FIFA 2018.

I like it here.The Kazan State University has a very good reputation.

Moreover the city celebrated its 1000 years a few years back.

Nice to live here though some things deffo need improvement.

Cheers ;-)