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08-08-2004, 22:42
Howdy all,

I want to just get into a car and drive from Moscow to the far east. I know its a lot of driving but I like that kind of stuff and being able to make the trip up as I go sounds like fun. But all of the Russians I work with and whom I have mentioned this to have told me I am completely off my rocker and that everything from Bandits to Mongols and god only knows what are likely to prevent such a thing happening. Has anyone done a drive of such ilk? Was it fun? Anyone any thoughts?

Thanks for any replies

08-08-2004, 23:57
Crazy idea but if had time I would do it too. I tought to do it in train and here too ,all the Russian I work with told me the same things about bandits,Mongol,mafia ect...
I thing Moscovites are too posh compaired to the rest.
Go ahead with the project. Maybe just one advice, it's better if you speak some russian: agree:

09-08-2004, 01:04
they are right. Your crazy!
the road from Khabarovsk to Irkutsk is impassable in places. I believe they are building a new road at the moment.
I live in Vlad. and the only people you hear about arriving by car from Moscow make it on to the front page of the local papers.
Firstly, its a SERIOUSLY long way. You would need weeks to do it with meticulous planning and a special vehicle with spares. Also some knowledge of motor mechanics.
I recon you would need special permission too. There is also the security aspect to consider. DON'T even think about doing it alone.
The millitia will be all over you when you tell them your driving to Vladivostok!
I'm sure when you've thought about it a bit more you will realise its not something to be considered lightly.

People in Vladivostok think your crazy if you tell them your going to Moscow by train!

09-08-2004, 10:04
i thought it took about 7 days to go by train, so imagine how long it would take by car, because you aren't gonna drive 24/7

19-08-2004, 20:18
It may sound like fun and an awesome adventure, but.........

You will need a serious off road vehicle with clearance. (As mentioned before with spares and decent mechanical skills)

You better have permission and a travel note. Oh yes, they will fine you at every possible opportunity (at best)

Do not even think of doing this if your Russian is not excellent.

To do this without a native Russian with you would be nuts.

The "road" is not there in many places. I mean it is the Rubicon.

Gas will most likely be of poor quality and will ruin your car if it is not meant to run on crappy fuel.

How do I know?

I have done a similar trip.......

Great idea though!

YMB :eek:

20-08-2004, 10:16
well that makes me curious. i've heard stories about russians going for vacation to europe by car from Chanty-Mansijsk for example. i'd like to know where it is actually possible to go by car (say... from moscow). Omsk, Novosibirsk i'd expect to be alright, any further?

20-08-2004, 20:02
Well, if the maps I have are correct, the main problem is the portion between Irkutsk and Khabarovsk - no road there. It is theorically possible to get from Irkutsk to Vladivostok through China, but AFAIK so far there´s no road between IRK and KHA.