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08-08-2004, 12:16
TD--I would like to copy and send a joke from Bardak to a friend. I've tried 'email to friend' button, but when friend receives it as email they have to click on thread link to view it, and it won't open because the friend is not authorized for access to Bardak.

So how do I cut or paste or copy or whatever from the Bardak page--maybe into my documents?--to save the page so I can resend it back out? Thanks.

08-08-2004, 13:27
easiest way is to highlight the text, left click and hold, then right click copy, paste to email body and there ya go

08-08-2004, 14:25
MM's way is easiest, if you want the whole page saved "as is" you can click <file>, <save as>...choose a location and filename and save as 'webpage, html only' so that you don't save another folder full of web files.

08-08-2004, 14:34
Why don't just say copy and paste?? DPG, html only... right

01-11-2004, 14:08
Could you please provide a Bardak discount for World War 2 veteran?
How about granting me an access to Bardak for 10 posts (not 20). Thank you.
In anticipation,
(WW-2 vet)

01-11-2004, 16:26
It matters not if you are a veteran of the Indian Mutiny and the Boer War - rules are rules I'm afraid - 20 posts or no access...!

01-11-2004, 17:40

01-11-2004, 19:49
However if you have another username on this site and it checks out ;)