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13-11-2008, 14:54
:respect: Ladies Night!


PapaísOK, here is how itís supposed to work

A bar offers a great special for ladies. The ladies get together with all their friends to take advantage of the great specials. The guys show up at the bar because there will be a lot of ladies there. Everybody has a good time, everybody wins.
That's how itís supposed to work, in theory, and now we know it works that way in real life!

Ladies night is just for you!!!

There will be a free cocktail special for the Ladies FROM 7-11PM!!!!


Now guys we donít want you to feel left out so-o-o-o-o!

From 6-9pm our daily happy drinks

70Ruble Miller Draft Bottles 0.5

70Ruble Bochka Draft Beer 0.5

70r champagne

And Tonight From 7-11pm

200r long islands

(you didnít think I would cut us completely out of the deal did you?

Your host for the evening will be yours truly

Hope to see you there!

Warmest Wishes!,



ул. Мясницкая, д. 22

Чистые пруды


(495) 755-95-54


20-11-2008, 16:30
By the way we have DJ Biscuit starting at 9pm, so if you are going to the BBC event tonight come on over after!:11157: