View Full Version : boxing in Moscow

12-11-2008, 11:37
can someone tell me where to box in Moscow

12-11-2008, 15:08
you will find lots of people willing to box with you in the street...no need for a specific place. Nevertheless I would say it is better to go a little bit outside the centre in order to avoid getting arrested.


Sorry...but this was just a too good opportunity ;-))

Intelligent blonde
12-11-2008, 18:01
Hi! Of course...you can box in Moscow! I know fine sport club 'Kitek'...vetro Preobragenskay sqere...

Korotky Gennady
12-11-2008, 20:27
can someone tell me where to box in Moscow
thanksTry to go to the night electric trains which go pass Lubertsy or Balashiha... or Orehovo-Zuevo.

12-11-2008, 22:13
You can box at Golds Gym.