View Full Version : TPR granted and question on registration

12-11-2008, 09:58
Hi all

After 7 months I have the stamp in my passport for TRP, I did the fingerprints yesterday at the FMS cost 500 rubles.They then stamped my passport, and gave me a slip of paper. The stamp in the passport was backdated to the 18-09-08 which is 6 months to the day that I submitted my documents. I went looking on the walls of the FMS office for the legisation on permanent residence, it could not be found. We asked where it was, the officer expalined that the law was about to change, but did not offer any more information.

Now for registration, can anybody tell me what documents I need to have the TPR registered in the local office. I have recieved some info already. For instance do we need a notarised copy of the title deed of our apt? What else do I need. ?