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10-11-2008, 14:28
My girlfriend needs an invitation from me to come to Australia.

Can someone tell me exactly what I need to put on this invitation?

10-11-2008, 15:55
My girlfriend needs an invitation from me to come to Australia.

Can someone tell me exactly what I need to put on this invitation?

Nevermind . . . I mis-read. She's Russian and you are in Oz and Oz requires an invitation? That might be an Oz embassy question. Is there any info on their website?

10-11-2008, 23:35
My girlfriend needs an invitation from me to come to Australia.

Can someone tell me exactly what I need to put on this invitation?

It has a lot of detailes, concerning of aim of her trip, duration of stay e t.c.
longer she stay - more complicated it would be.

Basic rules - in your invitation you need to put down the reason of trip e.g: family meeting, tourist trip, friend visit and so on.

Also, if it is you personally who invite her, you need to approve that you could support her during the travel..To put down address of your apartment, if she will stay with you, sometimes they require your resident status and finance situation...to be sure that you are in charge of her if she will get in trouble..and things like that..

Anyway, she needs to make an appointment here in Oz embassy, so when she will call there, they could give her all required info about documents in general and your invitation as well..

My advice - write PM to Umutt65....It is our member here and she works in Oz Embassy..
Her name you could find in the list of members...

PM me also if you will have some other questions or feel free to post here..

Good luck, M.

11-11-2008, 13:49
We invited a friend from Moscow to Sydney earlier this year.

We sent an invitation outlining the purpose of his visit and how long he would be staying. My husband sent a copy of his Australian passport as confirmation of citizenship, gave our address and stated his occupation and name of his employer. He stated what expenses our friend would be responsible for and what expenses we would be taking care of. And he provided contact numbers should the Australian Embassy in Moscow need any further info. The embassy did not contact us but phoned our friend twice.....asking him all sorts of questions....how did we meet, what did WE do and where did WE go when we visited Russia. Otherwise there was no problem.

11-11-2008, 19:00
Jedboy, having gone through the tourist visa with the Russian girlfriend twice I can tell you exactly what you need to do.

1.) You need to provide proof of your relationship for min. of 6 months. This means providing photos, air tickets together, train tickets, rental contracts etc.

2.) You need to prove that your GF will return to Moscow, this means getting a letter from her employer, letter from her university or proof that she is still studying here.

3.) You need to also prove that you will be returning to Moscow with your GF. So, show your flight tickets, get a letter from your employer, show visa etc.

4.) If you are staying with family at their house then they will need to write an invitation letter inviting both of you to stay with them and to also guarantee all costs while living there. A bank statement from the inviting party may also be needed.

5.) Your GF will need to provide a bank statement that shows suitable funds for the trip to Oz. You should also provide a bank statement showing suitable funds.

6.) Itinery of your trip.

7.) I am sure there is something else but the main things are above.... Oh, yes, tell 100% truth and provide 100% info. and you will be fine. Give them as much info. as possible.

11-11-2008, 19:09
Ummm.... okay, having gone back and actually read the original question I think I gave way too much info about the whole visa process, anyway I am sure it will be useful to you.

Regarding what needs to be put on the invite, I just wrote something basic like: I invite... to travel with me to Oz to spend Christmas with family..... We will travel on ... and return on ...