View Full Version : are you a guitarist?

04-08-2004, 21:47
Bored a bit and fancy doing something original?

I want to collaborate -

Ideally, you're playing regularly, have done some concerts, but still have time to work on something new..

The style:
1. acoustic guitar - some electric
2. lyrical and vocal sort of REM/RADIOHEAD/BUT NOT QUITE
3. Laid back, but a little bit aggressive


1. you're probably playing now-
2. you have ideas for material and can share them with another
3. you enjoy the writing and recording process
4. you're not Jimi hendrix - You're just imaginitive and creative with structures
5. you can devote some time to a project - work with a singer/song writer and learn some of his songs
6. You're not too stylized already - you listen to ideas and bring them to life
7. you can relate to acoustic/soulful/ ballads and not fall asleep.. you can make them shine and deliver it live
8. you are writing material and can co-write comfortably

If you're out there... PM me and hear me out ... foreign, Russian, African... whatever.. my left fingers don't work - you would be the guitarist.

No $$$'s in this or cost to you - the only investment is your time and energy...

PM me.