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25-07-2003, 13:22
Making a pleasure(?) from necessity, I get my annual M-E from a different city/country each year. This time it's going to be Vilnius, unless anybody has got horror stories about the Russian Consulate there. Any opinions, advice, specialities-of-the-house (e.g. extra vast rip-off fee for same day processing), etc?



PS Love the new site but am too technically illiterate to understand a lot of the new knobs and whistles. Just gotta practice, I guess.

30-07-2003, 18:12
Vilnius is great. Just returned. Staff are friendly & accomodating. Fee for service while you wait is only $10.

Enjoy Vilnius.


30-07-2003, 18:19
Dear Susan,

Thanks a million - very encouraging!

Don't want to bother you, but did they require medical insurance and HIV certificate? Don't mind the latter (being a nice, clean-living lad!), but the former is difficult as it's kept by my overseas employers and I don't have any documentation.

Would be glad to hear from.

Many thanks again.

Stephen (aka GWL)

Ned Kelly
30-07-2003, 18:24
The embassy in Vilnius is great and the city is really good fun. I used to go there every time until Batka imposed the transit visa.

31-07-2003, 09:59
Hello Stephen,

Sent you a direct response, but as a new user am not sure you received it so am posting here. No, you do not need proof of medical insurance. Simply the Aids test, invitation & 2 photos. Remember that if going to Vilnius by train you need a transit visa for Belarus. Double entry transit is $36 if done at least a week in advance. Price doubles if required faster.

Best of luck! Happy to answer any more questions.


31-07-2003, 16:15
Are any of you who have been there recently Americans? Is the rate cheap there for Americans too or is it the $100 fee that Russia slapped on Americans (since we extort Russians for the same processing fee).

.... my girlfriend got her passport stolen and we need to go someplace close to get a new ME.


31-07-2003, 16:40
I'm an American so everything I wrote applies to Americans. As I previously wrote the fee for a one-year M-E is $230 + $10 for while-you-wait service.