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04-08-2004, 12:20
[this is x-posted from accommodation in the hopes of upping my chances; no luck thus far : ((( ]

Can folks suggest how I might find a evroremonted apartment short-term for a week in Pyatigorsk/Minvody?

My relatives are coming to visit; part of the time they will be staying there. And I need to come up with a comfortable Western-feeling housing option for them there.

A hotel room would also do. Someone suggested the Intourist in Pyatigorsk. I recall staying in that hotel a while back. While it was totally fine for me, the double would be too Soviet for my folks. It wouldn't pass the "evro" test...

And I need to stay w/in a 100$/nite budget for the room/apartment.

Maybe folks have an idea as to how to find decent real estate folks there?

When my folks visited me in Moscow a while back (right after 9/11), I found a decent evro'd apartment at $100/nite in the center. And it was quite fine...I did it thru real estate agents here...

My initial attempts at surfing online to find a Pyatigorsk/MinVody real estate firm or through izrukvruki online and the like have not yielded much.

Maybe you might have ideas as to how I might be able to find a decent evro-remonted apartment there?

How would you find a short term apartment in Pyatigorsk/MinVody?

What other forums might i post this to? Anyone know of any Russian-language forums/mailing lists I could post this to?



04-08-2004, 21:21
You could try Stavropolintur on 86533 49176 .. I think they're attached to Inturist. In a normal country, they'd help but being as we are where we are.. it'll probably be 'нету'. I tried Vsyo Dlya Vas www.vdv-kavkaz.ru which is the local classified for the region, but it seems to be focussed largely just on Stavropol itself .. Pyatigorsk only threw back 8 matches, not relevant.
I guess you tried contacting Moscow real estate agents ..? I would have thought that would be the best chance, cos they might know someone who knows someone.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

PS My lonely planet says 'the sanatoria have the nicest rooms'. I'm not really sure what the deal is on those, but maybe you could ask Stavropolintur about it.

04-08-2004, 21:55
PS I just found partygorsk.com :)
Seems faaiirrlly active .. they have a doska obyavleniye, looks like the most appropriate section I guess. Well, take a look if you like but who knows..

05-08-2004, 00:41
I'm curious, how did you know about VDV? Maybe I haven't been terribly observant in my many years here.

And partygorsk.com, how did you know about that?
Thanks much,
just asking to hone my search capabilities...

05-08-2004, 00:51
The first - because I live in Stavropol. It's the main classifieds publication, comes out every week. It's pretty crap though :)
The second I found on yandex. yandex is always my Russian search engine of choice.