View Full Version : Best nanny ever!

06-11-2008, 14:04
I titled this post same way as I found my nanny. I am moving out of Russia and I am very sorry that my Georgian i.e. Russian speaking nanny cannot go with me.

She is family member, friend, person who supported me in difficult times who loves kids and at the same time is able to teach them good values. I had no reservation to leave her with kids for a month when family crisis has happened and I needed to be abroad.

Nani (this is her name) was taking care of my 1.5 years old boy who is 2.5 years now and my new born boy who is 11 months now. She is excellent cook and houselady with years of experience as a nanny. She is flexible and responsive to family needs. She is 59 years old but with energy of young person.

She works hard and deserves to earn market/agency rate (it is 250 roubles/hour now). Please consider her for full time job only - 10 hours, Monday to Friday.

If you like what you read or wonder if she is keen to work for you on different scenario please contact her on below mobile. She doesn't speak English.

Nani +7(8) 926 536 4359

She is really best nanny I ever had (had a few)! I can truly recommend her!