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05-11-2008, 23:58
Nov. 15, 2008 in Moscow at 32A Leninsky Prospekt
9 AM - 5 PM (with a break)
Ordinary tickets: RUR 4500;
VIP tickets: RUR 6500 (autograph session with Mike)
+7(495) 507 9539 (in Russian) usppro@gmail.com
+7(495) 748 9960 (in Russian) usppro@gmail.com
+7(919) 770 3823 (in English) borisanisimov@gmail.com

Playing the Matrix

World Tour III –
6 Continents, 12 Countries, and 60 Cities!
Jambo Fellow Adventurer! The Adventurers Club is headed on the road again as Mike Dooley, club founder, author of Notes from the Universe, and a featured teacher in, The Secret, will be delivering a brand new program called, Playing the Matrix, Mastering the Law of Attraction. This program is Mike’s most comprehensive touring material to date. Every participant will be guided through all of the necessary steps and considerations for deliberately bringing about major life changes using the Law of Attraction. A workbook will be provided and completed during the event giving each attendee their own private, customized “road map” to leveraging the laws of the Universe and engaging life’s magic. It will include simple but specific action steps tailored to their own life and goals. Even attendees who do not know what it is they really want in life, will be shown exactly what to do to find their life’s purpose and get their groove on. Exercises, training, and techniques will be provided that will enable attendees to return home and immediately put the shared lessons to use.
Mike’s exclusive and extremely popular Matrix will be the cornerstone of his teachings, and it will clearly show which “buttons” to press in the spectrum of reality and which you should absolutely never press whenever one wants to attract new friends, improved health, more abundance, or anything else into their lives. Participants will also be taken behind the curtains of time and space to see the true ease and simplicity of directing life's magic. Mike’s approach is to first teach the actual physical and metaphysical mechanics of every earthly manifestation, and then to show each participant their role in the process so that they can deliberately orchestrate the changes they most wish to manifest. In addition to the workbooks, a PowerPoint presentation will be used to clearly present how change can be sparked, exactly how you can make it happen, and how to speed it up.

This program is for you if:

• You’d like to bring about major life changes in terms: growing your business, excelling at work, living in abundance, improving your health, starting a new relationship or improving an existing one, and/or losing/gaining weight.
• You've recently been exposed to metaphysical teachings such as the Law of Attraction, and you'd like to better understand how you can use them in your day to day life.
• You wish to understand your role as a co-creator of reality.
• You want to learn new techniques for harnessing the Law of Attraction.
• You've read, heard or seen lots of metaphysical teachings, yet have not yet manifested the changes you care most about.
• You're ready to hear exclusive, proprietary information about the underlying mechanics of attracting success and abundance into your life that you have never heard before.
• You'd like to be immersed in an intensive, hands-on, day-long program with likeminded adventurers that will remind you of how powerful you are, how much you deserve, and how far you can reach.
By the end of our time together you'll better understand...
• The nature of your reality and the secret mechanics behind all time~space manifestations.
• Exactly how your "thoughts become things," exactly why the law of attraction works, and exactly where you fit into each equation.
• The surprising truth about when dreaming in general terms is FANTASTICALLY superior to dreaming about specifics and details.
• The vital yet subtle difference between messing with the “cursed hows” versus the all-important “knocking on all doors and turning over all stones.”
• The principle that precedes the 'Law of Attraction' and how to use it.
• Which end of the time-space spectrum needs to be "played" and which needs to be left completely alone.
• How to refine and clarify with laser-like accuracy, the vision you hold for your future.
• The influence others can and cannot have on your use of the Law of Attraction.
• The secret to riding the tidal wave of energy that swept you into this very world.
And you'll be better equipped to...
• Channel the processes you already employ every moment of every day so that you will be served by your illusions instead of the other way around.
• Imagine and visualize your life with more emotion, clarity and power. Basic and advanced considerations will be shared, leaving you with specific tools that will facilitate your own private visualization exercises making them as powerful as possible.
• Defeat invisible, limiting, self sabotaging beliefs that keep the Law of Attraction working.
• Be "born again" to the truth of who you are and all you're capable of.
• Understand the invaluable yet tricky distinction between what it is you want, and how to get it.
• Easily defeat negative thinking, earlier programming, and decades of accumulated “baggage.”
• Frequently predispose yourself to life’s so called serendipities and coincidences that draw you closer to the life you’ve imagined.
• Understand what your heart longs for, devise a plan that will avail you of life's magic, and create unstoppable momentum.
• Feel empowered, invincible, and more alive in the moment than you may have ever felt.