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03-11-2008, 20:23
Hello everyone,

Are you are interested in journalism ? Can you articulate stories or features
for a website or for a newspaper? Are you concerned with European current
events and culture? Do you pay attention to the news about the country you
live in? Do you speak the language of this country or do you speak English or
French well enough to be understood by the people we interview?

If so, your profile interests us. We are looking for volunteer writers to
collaborate on JOURNAL EUROPA

What is Journal Europa?
Journal Europa is a French website and monthly free newspaper circulated
throughout Europe.
It was founded in 2004 at Nantes University (Western France) by students of
journalism and communication.

It is an independent website and newspaper directed and published by students in journalism and written by correspondents abroad (mostly students). It’s core aim is to promote an exchange news among European youth. Journal Europa strongly believes that a better understanding of our neighbours would create a better sense of belonging and a more tangible concept of European citizenship.

Currently, Journal EUROPA is split into two teams, one in Nantes and one in
Strasbourg (eastern France). Europe is divided into several areas where our
correspondents write articles and are published either in Nantes (where there
is a free newspaper, with a circulation of 15 000) or on the website (the same website for Nantes and Strasbourg).

NB: In Strasbourg, a newspaper -different from Nantes- is planned for 2009.

What is this “volunteer journalist job”?
Although an unpaid position, because of it’s circulation, the contribution of
articles to Journal Europa should be seen as an excellent opportunity to
enhance journalistic skills, in a professional and creative environment.

Article length will be determined in advance and each Monday, in Strasbourg,
there are team meetings and topic discussions to determine future subjects for each edition. Your propositions will be highly valued as local knowledge to
each country is key to the newspapers success and its true European appeal.

By combining your ideas and our editorial suggestions, you will be asked to
write a paper within one week or one month, depending of the topic. After
receiving your paper, it will be edited and if required corrected in
Strasbourg (cut if it is too long, modification of some words or paragraphs if
necessary, addition of a title if missing etc. ). For articles written in
English, we provide a translation service to French. Before any publishing,
the article will be sent to you for approval by email, and any changes will be explained (in English). When passed for publishing, your name will be featured at the end of every article.

It would be a very interesting experience for all of us to share our knowledge on European field and, for those who plan to be journalists, a good way to
start a career!

Who are we?
As “head of area” (“chef de zone”), we are two people responsibles for the
recruitment of lead contributors in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia,
Russia and Ukrain, each of whom must be resident in each of these countries.
We are currently persuing Master in Journalism at Strasbourg University,
having previously graduated respectively from Lille university in literature
and communication, and from Bordeaux university in history. We speak french, english and some spanish.

Please email us your profile (a few words about you, where you live,
nationality etc.) and explain briefly the reason of your interest. After
consideration of your application, we will contact you personally to let you
know if we are interested in your contribution.

Best regards.

Emilie iob & Chloé Fabre