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Maine Surfer
02-08-2004, 11:02
Watched it last night.

Nothing really new for me in general, although I didn't know a few things Moore talked about.

A shocking eye opener for my wife though. Although she has long changed her political views, Fahrenheit was a shocker. Back in March 03 I was trying to tell my opinion of Bush and his gang, the war and real reasons behind it. Immediately was attacked by almost everybody, including my wife's family. We are talking serious fights, calling me unpatriotic unappreciative immigrant (and I'm putting it nicely), people kinda disgusted by me hearing my views on Bush... So I kept my mouth shut, actually was afraid to say anything. Ironic, would never think it'd be possible in America, once a country with freedom of speech.

Moore's got balls. The man has my utmost respect for speaking up. Nailed it down to the point, although he used some "techniques" to magnify the effect.

One thing I don't understand is how people who've watched the movie, remain Bush supporters? Well maybe they think its content isn't true? How about they do some research and ask questions? Fahrenheit is based on facts and Bush doesn't even try to comment on them. He has nothing to say.
I can understand that people have been lied to and cheated. I can't understand how after they learn that they have been lied to and cheated, they continue to support the liar and the cheater?


02-08-2004, 13:02
With luck he will be gone in November, however if he does lose, the favours he will give his associates and friends in his last few months will be a total scandal.

I just hope he does not even think of invading Iran or going into Saudi during those few months or the price of oi will be $ 100 a barrel.

Maine Surfer
02-08-2004, 15:24
I hope he'll lose. Agree on favors, they'll be of cosmic scale. We'll see.
I recal they almost crusified Clinton for pardoning someone, something not that big, during his last 3 days. We'll see about Bush.

Before watching Fahrenheit I didn't realize how dumb he really is.
How did Moore acquire Bush's behind the scenes footage, kind of stuff they don't show us on TV?

Teutonic Deity
02-08-2004, 15:40
Originally posted by Maine Surfer
How did Moore acquire Bush's behind the scenes footage, kind of stuff they don't show us on TV?

i imagine aquiring the footage wasn't difficult at all... there are dozens of news agencies filming this stuff all the time, including freelance guys. the problem these folks have most of the time is finding someone to use the footage at all - say sell it to one of the networks. but if the networks support the current regime, they aren't about to show us that stuff.

03-08-2004, 02:58
Bush makes Republicans look like idiots. The things the Republican party should stand for - small government, individual liberty, returning values to communities, are completely undercut by Bush and his Halliburton cronies.

Maine Surfer
03-08-2004, 17:23
Bush makes Republicans look like BAD guys, kind of guys who lead America to a catastrophy. I think Democrats played this card very well at their national convention last week.