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30-07-2004, 13:30
No offense intended, but I'm not too happy with the way this forum is set up. It's advertised as supplying info on travel and special deals etc. From the browsing I've been doing on it, most of the threads are on visa questions, a very few on travel issues, and haven't - sadly - seen anything on deals at all. Sounds to me like most of this info could appear on the general Information forum - or maybe make a separate forum for visa & registration questions.
On reading what I just wrote, I guess I'm just not happy at the way the forum is promoted re deals which I haven't found (say, tickets and accommodation in London for a week @ $99.99..... :))

30-07-2004, 14:56
The content of any forum on this site is strictly dependent on issues brought up by the users. This is a free site. Take up your discontent with someone who cares.

30-07-2004, 15:01
Tickets and accommodation to London for 99 bucks! Where? Sign me up pronto!

Diplomatka, you buying? I' ready let's go.

30-07-2004, 18:01
Expat.ru is not meant for commercial advertising, so it sounds like you have been misinformed, Diplomatka.