View Full Version : Has Anybody Spotted

Moscow Wolf
30-07-2004, 03:11

I sent him out the Tavern a week ago with a R500 note to get me a packet of Belmors (full strength) and he hasn't been seen since. I wouldn't mind so much, but since then I've had to cadge out of Ned's Kangeroo Pouch tobacco supply. Talk about Camel, camel droppings more like!

Horace - come home Mate I won't beat you for spending the 500 on Clinical Alcohol, I promise. :rolleyes:

30-07-2004, 07:15
I wont beat Wolf for spending more than 20 Kopecks tonight either ;)

Moscow Wolf
16-08-2004, 20:34
Joking aside he really has gone, he's gone from the Member's List too, there is only a Horace D left with no posts to his credit.

I'm worried that the Guy has gone off to join Ned and his Mates on the local 'svalka'. Not much fun up there with the winter coming on and he hasn't had his TB jab either.

Come back Horace.

Ned Kelly
16-08-2004, 20:45
talk about propping up a bar! i wouldn;t go worrying about horace - have you noticed you've been in here alone for almost a month?

it's only my commonwealth/common queen sense of duty that demanded i come in and rescue/revive/rescitate/pour another whisky for the lone wolf.

get a grip son...even braders left a fortnight ago!

Moscow Wolf
16-08-2004, 22:20
Braders left after his Mom told him it was 8pm and his bedtime. Now don't tell him that I said that otherwise he'll throw his toys out of his pram again. Where have you been then Ned, I didn't realise they'd got the internet up on the svalka.