View Full Version : Any Halloween Parties in Moscow for Children?

Jack Klausen
30-10-2008, 09:34

Got a 9-year old flying around in his Batman outfit, any ideas where can I take him for Halloween in Moscow? US Embassy compound, Rosinka and Pokrovsky Hills are not open to the general public for Trick or Treating. Tried the AWO and IWO but it doesn’t look like they are planning anything this year. We got a 100 night clubs putting on parties for the big devils and beautiful angels, msk.nightparty.ru or afisha.yandex.ru but I can’t find any Halloween events for kids. In the past, the Oktyabrskaya Starlite Dinner and the Taganska American Bar and Grill have been decorating and dressing up the staff for Halloween, I will try to check and see if they are this year. Wish I had made this post earlier, maybe we could rented the children's center at Пять Звезд на Павелецкой 5zvezd.ru/paveletskaya/children 953-33-28, 8-916-832-94-71, I did it for his birthday and got two actor Spiderman and Batman for about 13,000 rubles. I don’t know if they have enough time to decorate but is there any interest from other parents?