View Full Version : Russian girlfriend wants to study in England

Fiery Jack
28-10-2008, 20:43

Can you please tell us, she is 27 and wants to study English for 6 months in the UK.

Is it possible for her to obtain a visa for 6 months and is it straightforward?

What steps do we need to take??

Thanks for any help,


28-10-2008, 20:59

start from here :)

08-11-2008, 22:35

start from here :)

Whilst not disagreeing with that advice isn't it weird that neither Russia, or the Russian Federation, appears in the drop-down list of countries on that website... so are the British Home Office trying to succinctly relay an unspoken message here... :duhhhh:

08-11-2008, 22:52
Aren't there a lot of different language schools that offer 6 month study programs?

I google'd this study english england - Google Search , I didn't actually look into it, but it seems like it shouldn't be too hard?

Etoile filante
09-11-2008, 00:55
One can pay for an English language programme abroad to EF Education First - they send a lot of people to different countries, including the UK, and assist with obtaining a visa.

09-11-2008, 03:28
I actually have some experience of this - although its probably not the right way to go about things.

My ex-girlfriend obtained a 6m Tourist Visa (she is a Russian Citizen) and went to the UK and enrolled at a Language School, who didn't even ask to see her passport as long as she could pay - so she enrolled - although on a P/T almost F/T basis (I assume that means the Language School did not have to process any papers). And this is a REPUTABLE well known UK School, not a dodgy fly-by-night operation.

After 6M she left and returned to Russia.

However... on THEN applying for a Student Visa (she decided she wanted to go back but another tourist visa looked dodgy after staying 6M) I had to write financial supporting documentation - and the Consulate turned her down (after charging her i.e. me a hefty fee). I read the reasons for refusal which was typical FCO bureaucratic pseudo mandarin speak bullshite. I was going to kick a (legal) fuss up to amuse myself for a couple of months but (to my regret) didn't. It wouldn't have got anywhere but who cares.

Not that I'm advising the first route however (although it may be legal).

Oh, the 2 million recent Polish mass immigration in the UK is great though.... not.