View Full Version : Trip to Moscow - St Pete in spring, know a good agency to handle?

28-10-2008, 04:30
My wife and I are starting to plan a trip, roughly a week in each place, taking the Red Star overnight from M to SPb. I would like someone to help arrange visas and B&B or hotels in both places, otherwise it looks like I have to have an agent in each city. I have friends in both places, speak Russian, have visited before, so not a novice and don't need a fullblown tour. Last visit though was in 2003, so I bet there have been some changes.

Спасибо за внимание.


29-10-2008, 06:35
You can try Russian National Group - I've used them 2 or 3 times for my visa and have had no problems - I'm not sure if they can help with accomodations but you can check them out - Have a great time! Visa to Russia | Russian Travel Tours, Cruises & Excursions | Tourist & Business Trips by Russian National Group (http://www.russia-travel.com) :10518:

08-11-2008, 04:32
Thanks, I'll check it out.

12-07-2009, 10:25
My family and I have all used Brand New Travel. They are very helpful and have the cheapest price for airline tickets as well.

Lucia Silva
14-07-2009, 14:24
A friend of mine is coming to Russia, I contacted Liga Consultant and the agency arrenged everything. The phone number is PLEASE USE PM FEATURE, ask for Vadim. The price is just right.