View Full Version : Moscow Fashion Week..What's up ?

27-10-2008, 16:30
Is it a figment of my imagination or is there actually supposed to be a week of fashionista heaven happening in Moscow right now?

The Fashion Week website doesn't seem to have been updated since spring and on the 'News" section its blank.

Any info please let me know... i'm off to Blighty in a few days. IF fashion Week is on it's a chance for me to up my street cred with 'my gonna be a designer'daughter and my 'know all about fashion son !
Take pity... we parents have so few opportunities to be speak the same language as our kids :)

27-10-2008, 19:19
it's on and i was there. what's your question?
the site is updated
Официальный сайт Недели Моды в Москве (http://fashionweek.ru/)

29-10-2008, 16:35
Moscow News - Local - Fashion on the Rise (http://www.mnweekly.ru/local/20081024/55352717.html)

Might help ....