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26-10-2008, 23:48
Hey everybody! Does anybody know if there is a restaurant in Moscow with an American style salad bar? I know there used to be a Ruby Tuesday's with one but it has closed :(

Transparent Theatre
27-10-2008, 00:12
The pizza chain which used to be called "Maxima Pizza" (and is now slightly rebranded, but the same owners etc) has something along those lines, for sure. There are two branches I know of, and there may be others:

i) directly opposite the metro station at SOKOL

ii) at Paveletskaya, on the opposite side of the road to the giant tower of Swissotel.

I can't promise that the assortment replicates exactly what you'd get in the USA, but it's done reasonably well and everything is fresh. The pizzas are not bad either, although they are Italian-style thin-based.

27-10-2008, 11:25
what is an "American Style Salad Bar" ?

27-10-2008, 12:01
what is an "American Style Salad Bar" ?

I'm guessing a buffet with items one can use to make a salad. Including a variety of vegetables, salad greens, prepared salads (potato salad, macaroni salad, etc), toppings (nuts, seeds, bacon, hard boiled egg, etc) and dressings. Usually there is some sort of garlic bread, too, but not always.

27-10-2008, 23:25
According to MissAnns discription I can name Sbarro at Tverskaya str and Maroseika str (but without toppings unfortunately) and "Mir Pizza" at Smolenskaya-also big salad bar. "Pizza-hut" at Piatnitskaya previously had good salad bar too. The last 2 ones I didnt visit for a long time,sorry

28-10-2008, 19:49
The OP is looking for an "American" style salad bar aka all-u-can eat. Sbarro is the worst. They actually weigh it and charge you by the gram. Total rip-off.

I remember that Yolki Palki had an all-u-can eat deal for salad that wasn't too bad for Moscow. Don't know if they still do.

28-10-2008, 20:11
I remember that Yolki Palki had an all-u-can eat deal for salad that wasn't too bad for Moscow. Don't know if they still do.

I haven't been in a Y-P for months, but I have had a nice buffet there. I've been in two different Y-P restaurants, and one was better (more extensive) than the other because it was a bigger space.

I had forgotten about Y-P.

29-10-2008, 14:32
An American style salad bar firstly would have salad lettuce usually two types and more of a variety of vegtables to put on the salad as well as typically chopped hard boiled eggs, chick peas, diced ham etc.

Unfortunately I have not seen an equivalent to this in Moscow. Sabaro yes is the closest to this but not quite. Yolki Polki does have a Russian version but is a Russian version all Russian salads not many fresh vegetables.

As far as a salad bar being all you can eat versus weigh the plate they do the same thing in the states.