View Full Version : Moving to spb

26-10-2008, 03:15

Im planning to move to spb early next year to live with my gf, Im developing three dating websites, and hope to make a living there from them, looking for anyone interested in maybe helping, maybe a webmaster, who knows!! open to suggestions.

Aşık melek
03-11-2008, 20:17
economic crises here.......people care how to survive.....i suppose your services are not actual now.....

17-12-2008, 16:26
I'm not really planning, but rather flirting with the idea of returning to Russia. Probably to SPB that I visited during school holidays.
IMHO especially because of the crises your services will be v. welcome. Beautiful Russian women will want evn more to get out to the West, and even during the crisis there will be well-off Western men to marry them.
But do you have to be personally in Russia for your business?