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Anton S.
25-07-2004, 19:34
As everyone is perfectly aware, the authorities in Russia do very little to help children of poor families, orphans, refugee children, etc., whose situation is lamentable.

Pomoshch Detyam Foundation is a small NGO, one of the many that are trying to fill this gap to the best of their ability.

We provide foodstuffs, clothes, school things, soap and detergents, etc. to poor families and child institutions in Moscow and elsewhere (one of our "clients" is an orphanage in the town of Borovichi, Novgorod oblast).

We also have houses in a village which are used as a holiday place for those children who cannot afford to go anywhere in summer. Right now, three foster families from Borovichi are staying there.

To be able to do our work we need donations of food, clothes, school things, soap and detergents, etc.

We very well understand that people have a justified mistrust of Russian charities. If you wish to provide some tangible assistance, you are most welcome to meet with the people of our organisation, to see the children whom we help and to talk to them, or to check on our work in some other way. We can give references from the IWC and some other respectable international groups.

You can contact us by e-mail antonsm2002@hotmail.com (Russian, English, French, German or Italian) or by phone 203-13-06, from noon to 7 p.m., weekdays, in Russian.