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25-07-2004, 01:16
I would advise anyone to avoid or be very careful at American Dental Centers, at Tverskaya in Moscow.

While in Moscow I needed to have an existing crown recemented into my mouth - The crown did not have to be repaired in any way - just reglued back in. The fee that was quoted was $60 (for a consultation).

After the service, I was handed a bill for $240, which I felt forced to pay: My research has clearly indicated that this is an excessive charge by American standards, much less Moscow.

It is my opinion that the information of the full charges was withheld, and that the office took full advantage to make an intentional deception.

In subsequent inquiries to the office, the staff were unapologetic - no acknowledgement that they should have had some upfront disclosure of fees. Furthermore, the exchange rate used by the office caused my actual charges to be $255.90.

At the very least, get the office manager to put any and all charges in writing before any service. Better to avoid this dental office altogether.

25-07-2004, 09:44
That's exactly the same case in the European Dentist center at Barrikadnaya. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a quote before, you may ask as many times as you want and the reply is always "we will do our best at the best price".
A onth ago I had a real pain in a tooth and was just near Barrikadnaya, so decided to go there... Big mistake!
They told me "you'll pay for the consultation at 60 euros" (euros...!)", and finally gave me a 180 euro bill, telling me that it's only "half the job", and asking me "to come back next week for the second part of the job"
I paid the 60 euros and told them that they won't get a buck more.
Then I went to my usual dentist, he looked and told " ok, it will cost you $30 for this really small problem". And added that the dentist at Barrikadnaya did NOTHING on my tooth, just put some anesthesic so that I fell no more pain!

Better to avoid the European Center !

Of course they offer you complimentary coffee :)

25-07-2004, 15:22
AS the proud posessor of at least 5 crowned teeth, I can tell you with some accuracy what the cost is in the US--approximately $1,000 per tooth when all is totaled and finished.

So I don't consider the above charges to be in any way out of line.

I was disappointed to discover with some inquiries in the last few weeks, that nitrous oxide, laughing gas commonly used to relax patients, is unheard of in western dental clinics here.

I'm getting my dental work done when I go back to the States.
No gas, no dentistry, that's my motto.

25-07-2004, 15:44

Agreed that a new crown could cost $1000 (though I have never paid that much).

I only needed a crown reglued (i.e. put back in my mouth). No repair, no new prosthesis. Literally a 1 minute job.

My main complaint is this: They could have charged _anything_, because they withheld the info about the cost. If I had known that $240 would be the charge, I would have refused the service and simply found another dentist or waited until I was back in the States.

Just want to help others to avoid getting pickpocketed in this way.


Sorry that you had the same experience. Why does this type of thing happen, do you think? Did you voice your complaint? Can I send a message their way on your behalf (It won't help but it might make both of us feel better)?

26-07-2004, 08:05
I went once to the Am Dental Center for a teeth cleaning and was told by the dentist that I had such a bad cavity that it had to be drilled IMMEDIATELY. He told me that the whole tooth was on the verge of collapsing. I told them I'd think about it - it seemed strange since a). they didn't perform X-rays, a necessity, and b). I've never had a cavity in my life. That was 1-1/2 years ago. I haven't had any problems with that tooth since, and yet the American Dental Center people call me every damn month trying to get me to come in. BE CAREFUL!

26-07-2004, 10:33
live off a fear factor ...

The Russian dentist's are superb, affordable, and a lot more honest than these euro/american places, which frankly, only exist because expat's feel vulnerable here..

Get localized people.... you won't regret it!

30-07-2004, 00:48
Someone mentioned here that a $1000 fee is standard in the US (well, it is more like $1500). However, most people never pay that much money - insurance covers 60 to 75% of the cost.

As far as the Russian dentists are concerned, I would recommend finding a good Russian dentist - it is worth it. Ask your Russian firends for references. I used to have a great dentist from Institut Stomatologii (near metro Dinamo), the crowns I had done in Moscow 7 years ago are great and cost me about $75 a piece back then (although I am sure the prices must have gone up significantly).

There is another semi-decent place - TSNIIS () near Park Kultury, but they are more expensive and I had 'mixed' experience there, but never anything as bad as American Medical Center.

27-08-2004, 12:35
Who would folks recommend for dental work then? Does anyone know of any Russian dentists in particular?

I need regular perio work done and after looking around I found the Chicago Center near Mayakovskaya. They're ok but rather wallet hungry. Anyone ever use the Chicago Center?

Anyone know of other perio's in Moscow?

28-08-2004, 00:55
I go to "Mega Dent" and am satisfied with the service. Though I go to one which is not close to the center of Moscow, I heard this is a chain and there are others.

29-08-2004, 10:27
First crown-college S. Illinois, USA 1992 - $1500 +

6 months later reglued - Chicago - $35 (plus $20 for after hours)

Root Canal Russia - 1998 $250 + $50

Now I need 2 new crowns, here in Malaysia:
$300 (RM 1125) Excellent quality
Root Canal $ 20

Teeth whitening over 6 weeks $65 total cost

Filling and Xray $12

I am getting a full set of dental work done before going back to Moscow in November here.

My Dentist Malaysian Chinese studied in the US

30-08-2004, 06:01
Yano Dent at Metro Konkova is a very good, western standard clinic. A dentist and hygenist worked as a precision team on resurfacing a front tooth. The color was perfect and for the past 18 months, no problems or appearent wear. Cost $100.

Two years ago, I went to a western dental clinic for teeth cleaning. The hygenist suggested that it would be a good idea to have the dentist look at my teeth. I thought, 'why not'. He looked for maybe as much as 15 seconds. The additional charge, $60. And of course, no one mentioned the charge ahead of time.

The western clinics are theives.

04-10-2004, 16:14
Sorry to revisit an old thread, but coud anyone give a specific recommendation on a local dentist for doing fillings? My brother-in-law is in a great deal of pain but he refuses to go to the dentist because the one at our local polyclinic is a butcher and he says he can't afford a private clininc. He is right about some of the western clinics, but he can't be right about Russian clinics. No English required. The location is unimportant too, but the dentist should be skilled and affordable.

Billie Bob
04-10-2004, 22:51
Master Dent, Dr Byeli< at Mayakovsky metro, nice dr< and they say it straight, what the charges are, and are a great crew...

05-10-2004, 07:56
The Seventh Day Adventist Clinic near Akadamiecheskaya Metro is great. Rates are reasonable. Receptionists and some (perhaps all) dentists are bilingual. At least one dentist was trained at Loma Linda. 126-7554.

05-10-2004, 09:22
The Seventh Day Adventist Clinic? I have heard it all......

09-10-2004, 23:47
I can strongly recommend Nigora Murad Pulatova and her husband 3 Amedental Clinic at Volokolamskoe Shosse 4
Main Building, Korpus MAI, K116, 125871 Moscow. Its in the basement of MAI college, no English spoken.
They did my whole mouth, bridges for 22 teeth, denture for 8 more, including some surgical work in hospital all for about $5000. As complex work was involved they called in Professors and other specialists for second opinions; included in total cost.
Russia. Excellent work

16-11-2004, 04:09
I have had 8 crowns done in Moscow over the past year and saved nearly 20 grand they would have charged me in the US.Most insurance in the US does not cover crowns and mine quits at 2000$. I have a great dentist at institut sotmotologii near Dinamo. When she was out of town, I went to Dental Stil at Kurskaya.They also did great work. They will tell you the cost up front no BS. Root canal and crown run about 250-300 depending on the tooth. PM me and I'll dig up the phone #s. They are here...somewhere.