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24-07-2004, 09:30
I have been corresponding almost weekly with a young girl in Moscow for a little over 4 years now. This past November was the last time I have heard from her and I am very worried. I have sent her regular mail twice in addition to email. I have a teenage daughter almost her age and we have become very fond of Yannie. The last I heard from her she was frightened of her employer who was making unwanted sexual advances toward her, and she felt there was no one to help her as all adults were telling her she should be grateful that an older (married) man was interested in her. Now she has suddenly disappeared and I am very concerned that some bad thing has become of her.

Please is there someone in this huge city so far from where I live that can check on my young friend to let me know if she is OK? I would be eternally grateful. If she has just outgrown our correspondence that is alright, just so long as she is safe. If she isn't, I'd rather know -- even bad news is better than always wondering.

If you are willing to help, write to me sol8air@aol.com and I will give her full name and address.

30-07-2004, 13:27
Have you tried to call her? If you do not have her telephone number, it can be found by the address on this internet sites http://phone.desk.ru/ and www.infobroker.ru.

01-08-2004, 05:26
After I translate the page a word at a time using rustran.com, I figured out where to put the various parts of the address, but it says it can't find Podbelsky street or her surname.

02-08-2004, 13:31
have you tried "podbelskogo"? this is vaguely in the northeastern section of moscow.

02-08-2004, 19:44
It says: (editor on this bulletin board won't print cyrillyc letters but translated means "Podbelskogo" not found). But this is a good angle: how else might the name Podbelsky be expressed in Russian. If I spell it differently it might find it. I've tried the rustran site to see how they would spell it but I'm not given any alternate when I click to translate. I'm fairly certain this is a person's proper name the street is named for.

ah and so it is: "V.N.Podbelsky, Revolution Leader"

there is a Moscow Metro station on that street:
"Constructing Moscow Metro continued until the USSR collapse. The last stations opened in the Soviet time, were Yasenevo, Bitsevsky Park, Cherkizovskaya and Podbelsky Street."

02-08-2004, 20:08
Post the name of the street here, because there is no street in the street Atlas named Podbelskiy that i just flicked through.

The closest are:

1-й проезд Подбельского
2-й проезд Подбельского
3-й проезд Подбельского
4-й проезд Подбельского
5-й проезд Подбельского
6-й проезд Подбельского
7-й проезд Подбельского

Basically: proezd Podbelyskogo

02-08-2004, 20:28
Argh! Your bulletin board won't print cyrillic letteers I have no idea what 1-7 above are, but I'll try proezd Podbelyskogo ... nope, again "not found". And apparently this is a huge street. There is a Metro station there, and I have sent and recieved packages to/from my friend at this address for years. Very strange ...

02-08-2004, 20:40
The board DOES "print" cyrillic letters - it's just that your browser isn't coded correctly for you to read them:

Go to "view", "encoding", "Cyrillic" (normally the Windows one does the trick).

You should be able to read it then...

Am I the only one cynical enough to wonder what the heck a 49 year old man in the US is doing communicating with a teenage girl in Moscow...?

02-08-2004, 20:46
Originally posted by DPG
Am I the only one cynical enough to wonder what the heck a 49 year old man in the US is doing communicating with a teenage girl in Moscow...?

No, but I've been called cynical all too often. It does happen legitimately, though. My wife and I have corresponded with one of her former students for years. Not all of her emails are copied to my wife. She's nice to look at, but far too young for my taste, and she tends to treat me like a doddering uncle, so ...

02-08-2004, 20:49
No you just have a dirty mind. I am a WOMAN, and Yannie is like a sister or beloved niece to me. We met, if you must know, on a fan site I created for an American actor named Frank Langella (http://franklangella.net) and we became close friends over several years. As my own daughter is near her age, I have found her insights interesting and valuable over the years, and she is now as part of our family. My daughter misses her as well.

For those without dirty minds leaping to conclusions with no facts, let me add that I HAVE cyrillic encoding in my computer and the type above does not appear correctly AND that I have found her street on the following map:

02-08-2004, 20:52
And by the way I'm sorry but what pansy man would call himsellf "Solitaire" anyway. Clearly I am female!

02-08-2004, 21:00
I apologise - I didn't read your profile past the age field, it's untypical of me and I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.

Having a dirty mind is not something I'm often accused of, in this case it's rather than I have read far too many horror stories that started with communiation of the ilk you describe in your initial post. Once again, I apologise unreservedly for any hurt my above comments may have caused.

In order to assist once more with your efforts, I owuld say that there are a few types of Cyrillic encoding available and as you most likely already know, what can be read with one, most often cannot be with another. The list in Brader's post above works fine with "window's Cyrillic" on my PC with that very encoding...

The Ulitsa Podbelskogo on the metro map you quote above, is alas the name of a station rather than the name of a road and the area surrounding it is literally a suburbun concrete jungle of apartments (there is of course a street in that area with the same name, but it is huge - doesn't narrow the search down much unfortunately).

PM me if you have more details (i.e. full address) that you don't wish to post on the open boards and I can try to find a phone number for you...

02-08-2004, 21:07
Also, another problem you may fact is that on the sites/services that list telephone numbers, names and addresses, the name listed is the registrant of the telephone line itself and/or the landlord. Most often apartments are rented here so you may indeed have the correct one but not know it because the name will be different anyway, due to the above factor...

02-08-2004, 21:14
Forgiven. Actually the reason my 17 own year old is not permitted on the internet is precisely the horror story you describe, so I do understand too well (perhaps why I reacted because the situation is so close -- If I'd had a dirty enough mind I'd have stopped her before it went as far as it did but I never even considered such a thing before it happened). Alas my own daughter is not nearly as mature or as trustworthy as Yannie and actually invites these creepy men to call our home [shudder]. I always hoped some of Yannie's common sense would "rub off" on her ... but teenagers don't work like that I guess.

I guessed the street must be huge (and I got the letters to show finally thanks) and at one time I did have the cross street which would help considerably but I didn't keep it. Apparently she does live in one of those huge concrete apartments and the address can be expressed in relationship to either of the two streets that border it. We exchanged so many packages over the years I didn't keep the one with the different-looking address, and just accepted her explanation about it being expressed either way.

Will PM the house number and apartment number (the part expressed as a fraction is I guess the apartment and building number?). I have a coworker here who is fluent in Russian and can conference call with me if we just find a number. I'm thinking she is probably well and will be very surprised.


oops I forgot I don't do private (instant) messages, I hate "chat" and IM. Email me for address.

02-08-2004, 21:18
Could be the flat number and building number, but more often it is the building number and "korpus" (i.e. section of building - which will have a few hundred flats in it) number...

Russian for flat is "Kvartira" so the number of the flat itself will usually be displayed: "KB 277" for example.

02-08-2004, 23:01
I have communicated with Sol8air and she is legit, 1000% legit. Unfortunately, I got the same results as Braders from the database website (surprising as I know very well that ul Podbelskogo exists), and my copy of the database on disk is FUBAR and does not accept proper search parameters :(.

03-08-2004, 09:52
I use www.eatlas.ru, but this is strictly for Russian-speakers/readers.