View Full Version : Bolshoi Gorod looking for birthdays

20-10-2008, 14:42
The free monthly periodical Bolshoi Gorod ('Big City' Большой город (http://www.bg.ru)) is often having photo reports and my missus produces some of them.

This time, they want to make a photo report of 10 birthdays, of people with completely different backgrounds: birthday of a child, a CEO, an immigrant worker, etc etc etc.

They also want to make a photo report of the birthday of an expat, whether it be at home, in the centre, in a cafe, outside of town, whatever. BG just want to feature as many different birthday parties as possible.

So how does it work?
- The producer and a photographer will appear at your party
- They will make some photos, of which one is going to be featured
- Some details are written up, e.g. what presents you got and what was on the menu
- They leave
- Your party is featured in BG approximately a month after

The deadline is November 10th.

If you are interested in eternal local fame (and I might be able to fix you prints of all pictures), PM me.

BTW, for our Russian members: if you have an idea about celebrating your upcoming birthday in a special way and don't mind to have pictures taken, you're of course welcome to react, too!

Transparent Theatre
20-10-2008, 15:52
They just missed the biggest birthday of the season ;)