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20-10-2008, 12:56
The other day I went to Garbushka market for I am looking for the whole Sopranos dvd collection (in English). One guy said he had them in the back so I asked for the price. His first price was about 13.000 then he lowered it to 11.120. Because in my opinion this is still overpriced (it is same price as it will cost in a regular shop, but then legal) I left. I never bought anything there before so I don't know what is acceptable.

- What should be a reasonable price for it?
- Can this DVD's be played in other countries?
- Is there any chance I can find it in a regular, legal shop?

20-10-2008, 13:22

Are you looking for whole 6 Season DVD Set?

sopranos (28) - Soyuz- (http://www.soyuz.ru/-/a/main/srch_result/z/cat/films/search/x115x111x112x114x97x110x111x115)

Actually if you are not against downloading them as Torrent you can find all sets from Internet
Let me know if you need assistance

20-10-2008, 13:32

Yes the whole 6 season set! Thanks for the weblink, is this from an online shop only or do they have a real store? I will translate it in English via google.
I am not against downloading but with this internetconnection I have it will cost probably 5 years to manage! Also, it is a birthday gift so I prefer the box set!

20-10-2008, 13:36
Somehow i guessed it is a gift :)

About Soyuz they have shop all around Moscow

Check this


25-10-2008, 00:17
Firstly... you were well overquoted at gorbushka if they were dodgy

secondly... he might of sold you copies with no english soundtrack (or subtitles) even though he (and the box) swear otherwise.
Any you might not find him a week later... (although chances are you will). Getting your money back then may present a problem.

I got Stalingrad a few times and they swore blind it was English. I should have got him to play it on the DVD's they have hanging around each stall.

PS. Some shops in Gorbushka sell totally legal DVD's but they are easy to spot as the are self-contained "proper" shops and not stalls.

Transparent Theatre
25-10-2008, 00:36
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